I was fortunate to be invited to drive a bus from the Mason County Senior Activity Center to the Squaxin Island Tribe's First Salmon Ceremony on August 8 2017 at  the Collier House at Arcadia Point.


As I entered the food preparation area, I was greeted by the sights' sounds and smells of fresh salmon being grilled over alder coals, as well as warm smiles from the tribe members participating in the event. The weather was good and the crowd of visitors seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. 

It was revealed by one of the tribe's spokespersons that many of the canoes usually used in the First Salmon Ceremony were in British Columbia sharing in a ceremony with a kindred tribe. Even without the larger number of canoes, the ceremony was beautiful and, as a visitor, I appreciated the openness and generosity shown by the Squaxin Tribe in sharing their culture, and their food with us.

The world could use more of this kind of cultural awareness and sharing...

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