These plants have been grown in my aquaponic system, so they will definitely thrive in such and environment, as well as normal garden soil.


Since no soil is involved they will be shipped USPS Priority (2 day) mail in a small box with the roots wrapped in wet paper towels. This will save buyers shipping costs and they can immediately plant into their own AP system, or in a regular soil medium suitable for potting plants.



Lovage - Lovage is a perennial herb that combines the aspects and flavors of celery and parsley. It absolutely flourishes in AP systems and reproduces by sending runners out from the main plant. You will have a constant supply of ths herb for most purposes you might use celery (other than celery sticks), but without celery's demanding culture requirements.


French Tarragon - Another perennial herb that does well in aquaponic systems. Is is quite aromatic and flavorful and has cheery yellow blossom in fall/winter. Tarragon is pretty much only reproduced by cuttings, making it ideal for an aquaponic system. One plant can become several in a few months, depending on how many of your harvested branshes you decide to stick back into your growbed!


Pineapple Sage - This perennial herb has a pineapple scented leaves/flowers that are good in teas and it is also an excellent hummingbird/butterfly plant when planted out in the garden. It has lovely little flowers of varying shades of red and reproduces very readily from cuttings in an aquaponic system.


Longevity Spinach - Gynura Procumbens is the scientific name and there is an increasing amount of scientific data supporting nutritional and health claims regarding this easy to grow perennial. A Google search will turn up lots of interesting info about health benefits relating to high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and many other conditions. It produces a lot of leaves in an AP system, a good addition to salads, stir fries, etc., and readily reproduces from cuttings. My plants were started from 10 unrooted cuttings about 2" long. It is only hardy to zone 9, so provide protection in the event of frost.


Okinawa Spinach - I've seen it identified as Gynura crepioides and/or Gynura bicolor. Either way, it's similar to the Longevity Spinach above in its growth habit and ease of care/reproduction, but it has the added benefit of a beautiful purple coloration on the underside of the leaves. It is also known as Cholesterol Spinach due to claims made about its cholesterol reducing properties. Not only is it easy to grow and nutritious, but it can also be grown as an ornammental. It is only hardy to zone 9, so provide protection in the event of frost.

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