The Quest for the Grail has been recounted since the middle ages in many languages and cultures. While the tales differ on minor points, they all agree on the fundamental nature of the Quest - the Holy Grail would bring healing and fruitfulness to the land and the people, but it could only be found and retrieved by the the most worthy of knights. He would have to possess the qualities of honesty, courage, perseverance, wisdom and humility.

As the centuries passed, the Quest for the Grail became less about finding an artifact and more about discovering new ways of thinking and doing things that would prove a blessing, bringing peace and abundance to the people.

We can all embark on our personal Quests, at any time we choose, by cultivating the noble characteristics of honesty, courage, perseverance, wisdom and humility, and by using these traits in our daily work.


GrailQuest Creed

We will deal honestly and fairly with all persons.
We will only offer products and services of a genuine benefit to the customer.
We are all part of something more important than money - and larger than ourselves.

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