Sunday, April 30, 2017 saw citizens marching for immigrant rights in downtown Shelton, Washington. It was a show of support by locals for the rights of their friends and neighbors whom they have lived and worked alongside in the community for many years. 


The marchers were peaceful, but outspoken in their desire to see human  rights, respect and dignity extended to ALL of our fellow travelers on this planet and in Washington and Shelton in particular. It is worth noting that people make the great effort, and expose themselves to great risks, not because they are lazy parasites, but because they are wiling to strive mightily to provide better lives for their families. 


If we're determined to keep the US population at the current level, may I make the modest proposal that we trade narrow-minded, self-righteous bigots for hard-working people earnestly desiring an opportunity for a better life? No doubt we have a bumper crop of haters ripe for export.


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